Premium Elementor Templates
Last Updated: August 9, 2023

Template Policies

Return Policy

Given the digital nature of our products, they can’t be returned or exchanged. Once you’ve purchased one, we can’t refund you. Check out the template demos, features, and make sure your tech matches our requirements before purchasing. Have questions about a particular template? Feel free to contact us before buying!

Copyright & Usage Guidelines

By purchasing a Template Kit, you acknowledge that:

  • Each Template Kit purchase can only be used for a single project/website (for example, 1 Template Kit purchase = 1 Website). If you wish to use the same template for multiple websites, you must purchase the template again for each site.
  • You can use a Template Kit on a client’s website, but you cannot claim or promote the design as solely your own.
  • The design or parts cannot be resold or presented as your creation.
  • Sharing the Template Kit, graphics, files, or any design elements from your purchase with others is strictly forbidden.
  • The photography included with the Template Kit is purely for demonstration purposes, copyrighted to its original creator. You must replace these photographs with your own or source images separately. Any image licensing or copyright issues arising from the unlawful use of supplied images fall under your responsibility.
  • All designs and files (excluding photography, fonts, and icons) included in your purchase are copyrighted to Kroxie Digital. We retain all rights to these elements.
  • Your final customized website design may be used in our Template Kit showcase, sales pages, or social media for promotional and demo purposes.

Template Support Policy

We’re committed to assisting you with any issues relating to the template itself, the import process, downloads, and the provided files, or any potential problems arising from these. Please note that template support expires 6 months after the date of purchase.

However, we’re unable to provide our assistance to general questions relating to WordPress, plugins, Template Kit or coding modifications, any difficulties you may face due to them, or software-related issues. 

Specifically, our template support does not include the following:

  • Services to modify or extend the Template Kit beyond its original features, style, and functionality as detailed on the Template Kit product page and Template Kit demo.
  • The installation of a Template Kit on your or a client’s website.
  • Issues related to your web hosting, server environment, or problems with the WordPress installation on your or a client’s website.

You’re entitled to receive all future updates to the template throughout its lifespan until the product is removed from our shop.

We provide support through our template support form and strive to respond within two business days, Monday through Friday.

Template Installation Policy

(Applicable only if a Template Kit Installation package has been purchased.)
  • With this service, we’ll import your chosen Template Kit into your existing WordPress website.
  • This service includes 1-year access to both Elementor Pro and Font Awesome Pro. After this period, you will be responsible for purchasing licenses for the plugin and icon font to maintain your website’s functionality and customization options.
  • We always strive to have your template installed within 48 hours, but please bear in mind this timeframe may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. We can’t guarantee it won’t take longer. If you still await an installation after 48 hours, please submit a template support form. Kindly note there may be a delay over weekends/holidays. Customization options may also delay the timeframe for completion.
  • Once installed, the Template Kit becomes your responsibility, and it’s up to you to add your content and edit the site. If any accidental changes occur to the Template Kit post-installation, we can’t reverse them. 
  • While working on your site, we’ll do our utmost not to disturb your existing content. However, we cannot be held responsible if any issues or glitches during our install process result in the removal or disruption of your existing content. We recommend backing up your website prior to any Template Kit installation.
  • Kroxie Digital reserves the right to decline or cancel any installation at any time. If an installation order is canceled, we’ll refund the full amount of the install service. Please note that we cannot refund the Template Kit purchased alongside this order.