Recognized for its knack for simplifying business interactions, HoneyBook offers an intuitive client portal for managing projects, communication, and so much more. Whether you opt for an installation or another project with us, we want to help you make the most of this dynamic platform. We’ve crafted a friendly yet comprehensive guide just for you:

Personalized Dashboard

Once we kick-start a project or establish communication through the HoneyBook client portal, a welcoming email will land in your inbox, guiding you to your unique portal. By clicking the link in the email, you gain direct access to your portal, eliminating the need to set up a new account or memorize another password.


Streamlined Conversations

Say goodbye to those never-ending email chains. The HoneyBook client portal ensures all your project chats are in one neat place. Simply navigate to your project’s ‘Messages’ tab, compose your message, and send it. We at Kroxie Digital will be notified promptly and will respond in kind.


Invoice Overview and Effortless Payments

Invoices sent by our team can be found under the ‘Files’ or ‘Invoices’ tab. Detailed insights are available with a single click. The invoice houses a ‘Pay Now’ option, guiding you to input your payment credentials securely. 


Contract Review and Signing

All contracts pertinent to your project can be located under the ‘Files’ or ‘Contracts’ tab. After reviewing the contract, you can add a digital signature. In addition to being secure, this mechanism is also legally recognized. The platform lets you download and save a copy for your records as soon as you sign.


File Management

Have some documents to share? Head to the ‘Files’ tab and click ‘Upload’. All the files, whether from Kroxie Digital or you, are neatly displayed under the ‘Files’ tab. You can easily view and download files. With intuitive categorization and labeling, your project will always be in top-notch order.


A Friendly Reminder: 

If a bump on the HoneyBook client portal road or any queries pop up, please do not hesitate to contact Kroxie Digital or explore HoneyBook’s dedicated client portal video tutorial reviewing everything we mentioned here!

Here’s to making waves in the HoneyBook client portal alongside Kroxie Digital! Let’s craft success stories, one project at a time.